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atelier phusis provides a high-level multi-disciplinary expertise in order to develop customized solutions for environmental issues, taking a sustainable development perspective to respond to our clients’ needs.


An atelier is a place where one works, creates and produces. In French it also refers to a small group of people that meet to explore specific subjects and to develop skills or techniques through interactions and the exchange of information.


The phusis (φύσις) is one of the first philosophical concepts from the Greek Thought; it is usually translated by the word nature. According to the pre-Socratic Greeks, the phusis refers to that which exists and transpires; it is at once the origin, the unfolding and the result of all processes.

Heidegger gives us an overview of the concept wholeness: «Phusis comes to presence in human work and in the destiny of peoples, in the stars and the gods, but also in stones, growing things, and animals, as well as in streams and in thunderstorms.» Hölderlin's Hymns: "Germania" and "The Rhine".

At atelier phusis we identify the expertises that our clients need and track down the talented persons in our network who will help you to reach your objectives.

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Jérôme Spaggiari
Founder and Senior Consultant
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Our Key Services

Intellectual Production

Research - Capitalisation - Strategic Analysis

We believe that knowledge is wealth and a decisive advantage for our clients. We research and produce the information you need, including over field missions. We capitalize on the knowledge, experiences and know-how that interest you analysing your issues in a strategic and future-oriented manner.


Expertise - Solutions - Projects

We offer a high-level technical and strategic expertise and produce innovative solutions in collaboration with our clients to meet their needs and requirements. We provide assistance throughout all stages of their projects (design, implementation, monitoring and assessment) and in various geographical contexts (islands, boreal and sub-polar areas, Canada, Québec, Europe, Francophonie...).


Social Acceptability - Training - Communication

We believe that high-quality dialogue is instrumental in enhancing the efficient integration of environmental issues. We organize and facilitate events commensurate with your ambitions, in addition to supporting the exchange of information between stakeholders. We also carry out awareness campaigns and public consultations. Lastly, we offer training programs adapted to your needs and using a variety of media.

Our Expertise

Biodiversity Conservation

Environmental Assessment and Monitoring


  • Systematic conservation planning
  • Conservation corridors
  • Design and management of protected areas 
  • Conservation plans
  • Threatened species recovery plans


  • Ecosystems goods and services
  • Income-generating sustainable activities 
  • Ecocertification


  • Alien invasive species management and control

Identification of Innovative Financial Mechanisms

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources
  • Sustainable forests management
  • Mitigation measures for mining projects  
  • Integrated watershed-based management
Climate Change
  • Ecosystems-based adaptation
  • Forest carbon projects
  • Social acceptability
  • Interactions with local communities and First Nations

Our Projects


We are proud of the projects we have completed across the world. This constantly evolving portfolio illustrates the services we offer as well as our expertise.

Clients Who Placed Their Trust in Us

Comité français de l'UICN
Indian Ocean Commission

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